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Information for SELLERS

People sell their homes for different reasons, but most sellers have the similar goals:

      - To sell it quickly and for the most money.

This is the time when your trusted REALTOR® can provide invaluable service.
What should be done to achieve one’s goal with minimum stress and avoid unnecessary expenses?

It is well known that preliminary works of renovations, updates, cleaning etc. should be done to improve the appearance of your home and make it more presentable for a better sale.
It is also well known that wide market exposure of the property will greatly assist in the sale.
But each “Home for Sale” situation is unique and requires an individual, professional approach.

I would recommend these three steps which, combined,  prove to be helpful in the sales process.

Ask your agent to provide you with a diligent market evaluation of your home.
Go through the report together and establish a reasonable, competitive listing price.
You don’t want to be on a market for long time because of an unrealistic price.
Remember that a prudent buyer (who will have an agent’s advice as well) is not likely to pay more for your home when they can buy a similar home on a market for less.
On the other hand a rational price for a desirable “Hot” property would possibly attract more than one buyer and could results in multiple offers and consequently a higher selling price.
- Second:
Discuss with your agent a marketing strategy for the promotion of your property.
It is vital  to come to an understanding between you and your agent of how your property is going to be advertised, what marketing tools and devices will be used, such as Flyers, Newspaper Adds, Brochures, Open Houses.
You want to be sure that your property will get a wide exposure and the right buyer will not miss it.
The very important step on how to prepare your property for sale.
I would recommend to use professional advice, it may be your agent, designer or home staging professional.
An outside professional with an unbiased eye will help you to show the advantages of your home, to avoid expensive,
unnecessary renovations, and to minimize your expenses.
For example: improve the appearance of your front/back yard, refresh or update your kitchen cabinets, make  rooms look brighter, more spacious and appealing.
Sometimes that is all that’s needed to create the magic.

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